I thought I would save you some time by telling you why I am here and then you can decide if you are in the right place.

I believe that when you try to mass produce something that is needed for the survival of the planet you will never be able to produce the quality that was once inherent in its natural place. We have seen corporations take over the food industry with promises of stamping out world hunger and I submit that they have failed. We have seen the corporate scientist take the corn cob into the lab and come out with a GMO bug killing and cancer causing food that has sent the medical industry to new heights of success. We have seen chickens pushed into the crowded cages of the corporate food giants just to be fed steroids, GMO grain and even their own brothers and sisters that have not survived the ordeal. We have seen the food that we ingest filled with antibiotics, steroids, GMO’s, pesticides and the list goes on of things that if we would sugar coat and feed to our kids would land us on death row for murder.

The corporations have pressured Governments to enforce their own rules and the advertisers and paid spokes models have guaranteed your full satisfaction and happiness with there Frankenstein creations. However, the corporations are screaming bankruptcy, the Governments are turning their backs on the people that they are supposed to represent, and the average citizen of the World is left with the empty pockets and a mountain of medical bills.

My great grandmother lived to be 105 years old, yet today teenagers in my community are living with cancer, tumors, and many other diseases. My great grandma would say, you are what you eat and I would say I am believe that more and more each year.

When you take the food away from the people and say that you will produce it with your millions of acres, when you take the local pig farmer out of the way by imposing red tape and dumping the market in the 70’s so only the major corporations can make the money, when you shut down as many small local dairy farmers as you can and replace it with a GMO fed, steroid filled variety of your own, you have taken the quality of what our body needs to survive and turned it into a cocktail of slow and painful death.

We need to start finding a balance between what we know will work from years of experience, and the modern touch that saves time but does not continue to damage our environment and bodies at such an alarming pace.

But, How?

Many of the boomers left the family farms like they were fleeing from a plague, they tried to forget everything that they knew about growing a garden and instead staked their lives and the lives of their family on the corporation that would pay them the most money for their time. They would rather just spend money at the grocery store buying potatoes in a plastic bag than put in any garden at home. That generation has lived its life like there will always be someone else to sell them their food and they as a majority have never questioned the lost of nutrients in their food. Now we are seeing what the boomers life choices have yielded as they lose their health in new and painful ways, they are losing their savings at an alarming rate and they spent so much time away from their children that they have not passed down the wisdom of past generations and their children could not support or take care of them if the wanted to. So we have a huge market now days called nursing homes where they go and live the last few years of their lives. A gloomy and tragic tale indeed.

What is the answer?

I don’t claim to have the answer to all the worlds problems, however I do believe that out of pure necessity people are looking for a sustainable way to make ends meet and stay healthy in the process. So I hope to offer you the hope you need by posting some of the best wisdom of how to live a life that is sustainable and healthy, even if you have the misfortune of living in the big city. No I love you guys in the city too. If you have a question from crops rotation to how to break a flogging rooster, just leave me a comment and I will help you anyway I can.

I’ll see you at sunrise,