About Me

I am glad that you have found my site, I am not that great at backlinks or SEO, so it must have been fate that crossed our paths. To Introduce myself, I am currently living on a 110 Acre Farm in Louisiana in the U.S.  I started to work on a farm at a very young age with my great grandpa Dunham’s cattle farm, that was when I looked forward to everyone getting together to cut hay every year. We would cut and stack hay for a couple of days at his farm and then go to my grandpa Lavey’s farm a few miles down the road and do it all over again. The next time everyone got together was for cutting, splitting and stacking wood for the winter, let me tell you it will warm you twice! Now as I approach forty years old I am doing what my fathers before me have done and appreciate the self-sufficiency more each day. The old timers would not known what organic or non-GMO meant, they just planted and grew their own healthy food each year. I have friends that make money blogging for a living, I don’t know exactly how they do it. But I am here to help spread the old-timers wisdom of how to live a self-sustaining lifestyle in a World that has turned their back on the old ways to try and satisfy their ever growing greed at the cost of everyone’s well-being. If you enjoy the freedom and security of living a self-sufficient life then I would like to help you succeed, just contact me with your homesteading questions and I will freely give you what I know has worked for many generation that have come before us. Grandpa would say before turning in for the night, “I’ll see you at sunrise” even though work started before sunrise, we still didn’t get a good look at each others faces until dawn snuck up on us!
I ‘ll see you at sunrise,

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